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Cornell University’s Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management (housed within the larger SC Johnson School of Business) draws upon its parent institution’s research resources to give its student maximum opportunities. The school offers Oneand Two-Year, Tech, and Executive MBAs, as well as numerous degree programs and locations for study. The One-Year MBA is a full-time, residential degree located at the flagship campus in Ithaca, while the Two-Year program features the school’s unique immersion learning approach, partnering with Cornell Tech in New York City. Following a semester of core curriculum and team-based learning, this second Strategic Semester in Operations drops students into site visits, live cases, and electives in an area of the student’s choosing (One-Year students also get this option, though with reduced area offerings). Overall, the school “dedicates resources to help students succeed” in “consulting, banking, tech, marketing, general management, or a host of other career paths.” Students cite this “breadth and depth of programming” as one of Johnson’s greatest assets: “Johnson taps into the strength of programs at other Cornell schools and colleges to offer unique programs,” shares a student.

The school’s location contributes to “the intimate environment that makes the student body and faculty so close.” Faculty are available outside of regular office hours, which creates “an incredible support system from TAs to tutors from the second-year class.” Small core teams each “have a designated Johnson Leadership Fellow who coaches the teams, advising on best practices, and creates the space for team members to offer constructive feedback.” Everyone at Johnson “is motivated to diligently pursuing their best career path, while also introducing peers to new industries and possibilities.”

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Applicants: 1,872
Acceptance Rate: 40%
Average Undergrad GPA 3.33
Years Work Experience: 5
Average Age: 28



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