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Long Island University—Post offers an AACSB-accredited MBA through “the flexibility of a Saturday program” or through a series of night classes, which occur weekly, Monday through Thursday. The Saturday program takes anywhere from fifteen to twenty-three months to complete and features all-day classes held only on Saturdays. Additionally, those who opt for weekly night classes may supplement them with Saturday classes, as well. There is also an advanced certification program in which students may opt to specialize in one of four areas, including finance and international business. The requirement for this program is four additional electives. Most students choose a parttime schedule because it allows them to comfortably continue leading lives off campus. “I attend night classes, which do not interfere with my daily schedule. As a full-time student I am enrolled in three courses of study, which are highly relevant and have realworld applications.” Another student says, “I would truly recommend others for this program. Flexibility is key when you have a full-time job.”

Enrolled students come from various business backgrounds, such as medical communications, construction, and technology. “The differing perspectives at Post help to broaden the overall attitude of students and faculty alike. You learn something new every day.” Some “students are looking to kick start their own careers and help contribute to Long Island communities,” while others have little or no experience. Students who attended LIU for their undergraduate studies say they have no problem adapting to the graduate curriculum. And of those with no prior training, one claims to have quickly gained an “excellent” grasp on the material because of the program’s professors. “They are always willing to clarify content and go the extra mile.” “The faculty are all Ph.D. holders from prestigious business schools.” “Most or all have considerable real-world experience” as well. Students are pleased with the professors’ ability to follow current global events and economic shifts. One student says the program “makes you become more creative and competitive. I can see the big difference between my friends in other colleges. I feel gifted for being educated in this school.” Some students feel differently, suggesting that not all professors measure up. They also argue that there aren’t enough options. “The range of courses could be a lot better and wider.” Some classes that are listed are not offered every year.

As far as the administration is concerned, students had little to say. One complimented the librarians who help with projects and papers, and another says, “All the departments have very good employees and are always willing to help you.” The B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library houses 2.3 million volumes.

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