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Combine the Southern California climate with a “fantastic school” offering “generous financial aid, and it’s easy to understand why the A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management at UC—Riverside gets such high marks from students. One raves, “I am having the time of my life [and]…feel very privileged to be here.” Many MBA candidates here are taking their first steps in the business world, as applicants are not required to have work experience—which can be a good or bad thing depending on who you talk to. Some feel that the program only offers a “surface-level understanding of business.” Other students laud the “challenging” classes, bolstered by the “very accessible” professors who “care very much about their students’ learning and understanding of the course material.” However, some gripe that a few seem “more focused on research, and not curriculum.”

The six components of an MBA from AGSM are the core courses, an internship, the communication workshop, the electives, a “capstone course,” and a case project or thesis.

Though the core courses take up more time than any other single component, students are most enthusiastic about the “wide diversity of electives,” which are all seminar size and designed to “encourage participative learning.” One student explains, “I love coming to a small school like UCR’s AGSM. You get real interaction with professors, and all of the students know each other, which allows for tighter bonds and networks.” There are ten areas of electives, and students are allowed to take up to nine courses from any area, such as accounting, entrepreneurial management, finance, general management, human resources management/organizational behavior, international management, management information systems, management science, marketing, and production and operations management.

Most students agree that “discussion is greatly encouraged” in class. A fair number of courses “require presentation with business formal attire” and some “even require group debate.” One student notes, “It gives you some pressure, but it’s fun.” Some lament the feeling that the university “does not attach [enough] importance to our business school,” and hope for this to change in the near future. Others, though conscious that the school is a “research-oriented university,” wouldn’t mind getting more “attention from some professors” who they find to be “mostly researchers and not lecturers.”

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Applicants: 241
Acceptance Rate: 63%
Average Undergrad GPA 3.16
Years Work Experience: 3.75
Average Age: 26



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