Paying for College 2021

For almost 30 years, average college costs have annually risen higher than the rate of inflation.

The average  annual sticker price of private college that's tuition, fees, room and board is over $51,000 a year, and many of the top colleges have crossed the $72,500-a-year barrier. While a large percentage of college students qualify for some form of aid, applying for—and more importantly, maximizing your eligibility for—this financial aid can be a challenging process. Our book Paying for College  offers detailed, annually updated guidance on completing these applications to maximal advantage. In addition to advice on aid recent FAFSA changes, how to plan long-term for college costs, and how to find the best student loans, the new 2021 Edition also looks at aid that might be available as a result of COVID-19. As an independent financial aid consultant, author Kalman A. Chany has helped thousands of parents cut tens of thousands of dollars off the cost of their children's college education.

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