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Agriculture is one of our nation’s largest industries. The technology behind it is constantly expanding, changing with new revolutions in science, and therefore changing the way we eat.

Feed Science is one of the most important disciplines behind agriculture. It’s a science in its own right, combining a study of biology and chemistry to help us figure out how to maximize livestock production.

Feed Science covers a lot of territory, from new production methods to the development of pet food. As a Feed Science major you will have the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of some of the newest developments in the feed industry. You’ll help perfect the newest processes of providing food for livestock.


  • Agricultural Economics

  • Cereal and Feed Analysis

  • Chemistry

  • Commercial Feed and Food Manufacturing

  • Food and Feed Production

  • Macroeconomics

  • Principles of Biology

  • Principles of Milling

  • Quality of Food and Feed Ingredients


Take a lot of math and science courses to prepare yourself for Feed Science. Biology, chemistry, algebra, and statistics are going to be especially important.