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California State University—Long Beach “is a place that provides a reputable education at an affordable price.” In keeping with the school’s motto of “graduation starts today,” CSULB aims to provide an “educational environment filled with activities of all types for students,” with eight colleges and a wide selection of majors. One political science major was pleased to find that “Most of my professors care about their students as individuals, which is surprising in a school of 37,000.” While professors receive mixed reviews overall—some are “thrilled to teach” while others “don’t really care about teaching at all”—one kinesiology major wisely notes that “because of our size, perfection cannot be possible.” The academic experience at CSULB, according to one pre-med major, “is what you make of it. As much as you engage with the professors at class, they will give back. They work with what the students bring to class. They genuinely care to making classes relevant.” In short, CSULB strives to provide a “well-rounded, affordable education” and “prepare[s] students for the workforce.”

Student Body

Diversity is key at Cal State—Long Beach, where “you cannot create a ‘cookie-cutter’ mold for our typical student.” Even though CSULB has a high percentage of commuter students, when students interact on campus they’re “always friendly, everyone is busy with school work, but eager to connect and communicate with each other. . . . Clubs help students find a comfortable niche.” As one art education major puts it, CSULB is “ like a second home to everyone.” “The typical student is hardworking, yet laid back. There is something for everyone, whether it is a fraternity or sorority, [or] a religious organization. . . . All students can fit in somehow, even if some do not realize it,” says a liberal studies major.

Campus Life

With so many students commuting to CSULB, some students miss the perceived lack of community, but as one commuter notes, “You can definitely get that college experience even if you are a commuter, you just need to be proactive and get involved.” Greek life can offer a more traditional community feel, as one criminal justice major notes: “I joined a fraternity in order to meet people because almost everyone commutes and it is hard to hang out after school because everyone goes home after classes.” The campus itself is “beautiful” and “from Alpha Phi Omega performing community service projects on campus, to the Filipino American Coalition presenting cultural productions for the campus, CSULB is a place for anyone and everyone.” Off campus, “Long Beach and Los Angeles have plenty of clubs for those who like that sort of thing. Concerts in L.A., Orange County, and Long Beach can be found frequently, and (of course) the beach is a bike ride away.” For nightlife, “Going to Seal Beach, Huntington Beach, or actual Long Beach is fun, but heading to the streets of 2nd street is something everyone must do once in their life. Filled with restaurants and bars and clothing stores, a night on 2nd is one many repeat on a weekly basis.”

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