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Elizabethtown College in central Pennsylvania offers a broad core curriculum and "very small" classes. "This semester I have class sizes ranging from five to 23 people," comments a biotechnology major. "it's really nice to hear your professors call you by name during class, or even if they see you on campus." Study abroad programs in more than two dozen countries are popular as well. "I have studied abroad in Australia and China," brags a senior. On E-town's "aesthetically appealing campus," "most professors are very good teachers. As you will find everywhere, some are not the greatest, but the tutors [in the Learning Services department] can help with those courses." "I've taken courses in various departments and they are all fabulous instructors and just great people in general," gloats a happy psychology major. "They really take an interest not just in your school work, but are eager to know about your personal life and are willing to do anything to help you succeed." Some students call the management "arrogant and aloof." Others aren't so harsh. "Overall, the administration is incompetent even though they mean well," proposes a senior.

Student Body

"To sum it up quite simply, says a senior, "E-towners are nice people." They are "down to earth" kids "with diverse interests and spunk." "Geographically, most students are from the Mid-Atlantic area, especially Pennsylvania and New Jersey." They tend to come from a "Christian background." The school is "affiliated with the Church of the Brethren" (which is sort of comparable to the Quaker and Mennonite churches). "You don't see a lot of religious activity on campus, though." Elizabethtown is home to "very typical 18–22 year olds" "from the suburbs." "Most students are a little on the preppy side." "There aren't too many rebels" and "there are barely any atypical students." The gay population is "freakishly small." A solid smattering of international students "adds a diverse element" but ethnic minorities are scarce. "Looking around, you will see mostly white students." "I wish we had more diversity here," hankers a freshman."

Campus Life

"E-town is a nice place, says a senior. "The intimacy of the college really stands out." it's also "very safe." there's an "integrity policy" that students take seriously. You can leave your valuables most anywhere and "they will be there when you return." Also, Elizabethtown's motto is "Educate for Service" and a laudable amount of volunteerism goes on. Many students think "the dorms could be improved," though. There is also disagreement about the quality of student life. "I would warn people to prepare to have a car and go off campus on weekends if they want something interesting to do," advises a dissatisfied junior. Other students contend that extracurricular involvement is high. Student-run organizations "really put a lot of effort into making sure there are on-campus activities," they say. "Life at E-town is never dull. There are always things to do on the weekend or during the week-everyone is very involved in activities on and off campus." "The students who are disappointed with their time here are those who expect the Animal House, large state-school experience." Though drinking definitely happens on this campus, the atmosphere is "rarely thrust in your face." There are no fraternities or sororities. Instead, athletic teams "basically sustain the social life" with house parties. Road trips to Harrisburg and Lancaster are frequent and Hershey is only a few miles north. When the wind is right, the campus "sometimes smells like chocolate."

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Lisa Souders
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Leffler House
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Most Popular Places On Campus
Brossman Commons Students Center
The Jay's Nest Snack Bar
The Dell
Bower's Center
The Ira R Herr Soccer Complex
During the academic year it is great to hang out in The Dell, located in the middle of campus, on a hot day for Frisbee or just soaking up the sun. The Ira R Herr Soccer Complex is the place to be to see the Blue Jays men's or women's soccer team in action--either day or night--the stadium is one of the finest soccer venues in the East.

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Hershey Park, Hershey, Pennsylvania (10 miles)
The Civil War Museum in Harrisburg (25 miles)
Amish Country PA, Lancaster, Pennsyvania
Hershey Park Stadium
Mount Gretna, PA
Elizabethtown is located in central Pennsylvania just ten miles from Hershey and an equal distance from Harrisburg and Lancaster. E-town is a charming town that serves as a bedroom community for commuters to Baltimore, Philadelphia as well as Lancaster and Harrisburg. E-town is within an hour and half of Baltimore and Philadelphia. Historic Gettysburg is within an hour drive and more than twenty colleges and universities are within an hour and half drive.

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Campus Tours
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Times: 8:30 am until 4:00 pm
Average Length: 1 hour

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Types of Transportation Available to Campus
Amtrack has a stop in E-town on the Philadelphia--Harrisburg line. Harrisburg International Airport is within fifteen minutes Red Rose Buses run from Lancaster. On-Campus Shuttle

Driving Instructions to Campus
Located just 10 miles from exit 19 on Pennsylvania Turnpike

Local Accommodations
Holiday Inn Express, Elizabethtown West Ridge Guest House, Elizabethtown Amanda Gish House Bed and Breakfast, Elizabethtown


Applicants: 3,550
Acceptance Rate: 77%
Average HS GPA: 3.67



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