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Tucked away in beautiful, bucolic Massachusetts, Gordon College is a liberal-arts institution that’s built on “Christian values without being unnecessarily strict.” Here, students receive a “well-rounded education” that encourages them “to make interdisciplinary connections.” There’s also an appreciated “emphasis on servant leadership through opportunities like the outdoor education requirement.” And while there’s no denying that “the school is academically rigorous,” students note that “there’s so much here for support, so it’s hard to do poorly in a course.” The faculty is described both as “accomplished” and “extremely passionate about the subjects that they teach.” and the majority are “very involved and want to know you personally.” Students are proud to share their own relationships: “I’m actually friends with my English professor and I’ve only been in class with him for a semester so far.” Another divulges, “I was struggling financially and had professors email me over the summer to help me find a way to get back.” This isn’t just an “enjoyable [academic] environment” either; there’s a sense that “when people leave here, they are prepared to get a job and do well.”

Student Body

When asked about their peers, many individuals at Gordon gush that their classmates are “genuine and kind people” who really “care about how you are doing socially, academically, and spiritually.” According to one undergrad, “I could pull aside any random person, tell them I’m having a bad day, and they would listen to me and care about me.” Students also value that many of their peers “have a real, lived-out relationship with God.” And though it frequently feels as though most students come from “Massachusetts or New England” and are “majority white, majority Christian,” you’ll also discover that “there are many countries and nationalities represented” among the student body as well. And while there’s “not a lot of middle ground” between the very liberal and conservative points of view on campus, students take pride in everyone’s ability to “enter into a curious and respectful conversation” when encountering someone who disagrees with them. Perhaps that’s because at the end of the day, students find unity in being “committed to their education and goals” and gladly help “one another achieve academic success.”

Campus Life

Gordon is a school that’s always humming with some sort of activity, especially on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, where “you can find a good portion of [the] student body in chapel.” Outside of that, the college sponsors numerous events like “waffle nights, student hosted dinners, coffeehouses, parties [and] game nights,” and “sports are pretty popular on campus.” (We’ve been told that “the quad is great for playing spikeball.”) There’s also a music department that “is very strong and holds a lot of performances,” though it’s not uncommon to stumble upon unofficial “chill house concerts or jam sessions.” Of course, New England weather plays a fairly big role in dictating the activity schedule. “When it’s warm everyone hammocks [and] when it snows everyone has snowball fights and builds snowmen.” When the opportunity presents itself, undergrads enjoy exploring the “quaint New England coastal towns” that surround the campus, whether that’s “to hike or spend a day at the beach,” and of course nearby Boston makes for a good weekend getaway for those seeking out things like “museums or concerts.” Overall, though, students note that campus life is “pretty tame”: there are “some off-campus parties,” but people “who drink [and] do drugs...are the exception and are in the minority.”

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Most Popular Places On Campus
Gillie's Lounge in the Lane Student Center
Bistro 255
Bennett Athletic and Recreation Center
Jenks Library
Chester's (coffee shop and study lounge)
Gordon's campus has many lakes and trails for use by the student body. On campus recreational activities are regularly planned and/or available.

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Singing Beach in Manchester, MA
Boston, MA
White Mountains, NH
Coastal villages in and around Gloucester, MA
Public reservations throughout the North Shore, MA
Gordon is located in the heart of America's earliest settlements. We are surrounded by and live among some of our nation's most famous historical landmarks.

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Campus Tours
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Overnight Dorm Stays

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Holiday travel shuttles to Boston Logan airport

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Applicants: 2,579
Acceptance Rate: 59%
Average HS GPA: 3.80



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