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Students come to Hiram College seeking “a very community-based environ­ment” that provides “not only a feeling of immediate comfort but also the appeal of being in close relationship with my professors,” and few leave disappointed. Undergrads here “love how involved all of the professors are into guiding the students through not just classes and majors, but future plans and career paths” and praise the “big-school opportunities in a small-school environment.” As one student points out, “Undergrads can work in research with professors here, which is an invaluable skill and great for résumés.” Students tell us Hiram boasts “a great biology program that does well getting its students into veterinary and medical school,” a “great education program,” and strong offerings in environ­mental science. Throughout the school “small classes of no more than thirty students and the intimate nature of the learning [environment] keep us from feel­ing lost in a sea of students.” A “unique semester system splits terms into a twelve-week main session followed by a three-week intensive class. It gives you fewer classes to have to take all at once, and the three-week is a great opportu­nity for electives or study abroad trips that I couldn’t do for a whole semester for financial reasons or because I can’t spare that time away from my major.”

Student Body

Hiram is “a gentle mix of athletes, artists, and scientists, and…Everyone gets along and respects what the others are capable of doing.” The school “gets the rap of having ‘weird’ kids,” which most here wear as a badge of honor. As one puts it, “The jocks can be philosophy majors, and the band geeks can be the people to hang out with on a Friday night…This place doesn’t respect stereotypes.” Though proud “each individual brings something unique and interesting to the community here,” students are also quick to point out their commonalities. “All students do have a dedication to serving others, in varying degrees and…attempt to include themselves in the community in a variety of different ways (social groups, athletics, community service or social activism groups, student govern­ment, etc.).”

Campus Life

Most students concede that Hiram is “in the middle of nowhere,” but not all see this as an insurmountable negative. On the contrary, many appreciate how the location “allows for us to meet together and create our own fun, make new friends, and enjoy the simplest pleasures in life. Hiram is especially fun in the winter, as we get tons of snow and have so many hills you [can] sled off. Everyone goes out at night and sleds together.” Others “find unique things to do—stargaz­ing, making our own apple cider, going to local square dances…we learn lots of cool things.” Furthermore, “The school is excellent for providing the students with gatherings multiple times a week. Each club on campus is required to spon­sor a campus-wide event each semester, and the student-run club, KCPB, is devoted to organizing as many on-campus and off-campus events as possible. Examples include movie nights in town, Destressfests before midterms and finals,” Bowler First Fridays, talent shows, and game shows. While “drinking is prohibited in rooms where the resident is not twenty-one, and [the rule] is enforced,” those looking to party usually can find the opportunity. Undergrads report “for the most part everyone is respectful. The students usually regulate each other and take care of issues when someone gets out of control.”

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Kelly Adams
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Admissions Office
Box 96
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Most Popular Places On Campus
James H. Barrow Field Station
The Hiram College Library
Kennedy Center(Food Court, Bookstore, ballroom,and other facilities)
Koritansky Hall
Coleman Center

Most Popular Places Off Campus
The Flats
Great Lakes Science Center
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Agora Theater

Campus Tours

Campus Visiting Center
Monday-Friday and Saturdays in September-May
9am-4pm and 9am-noon

Campus Tours
Appointment Required: Yes
Dates: Year-round
Times: When admissions office is open
Average Length: 1 hour

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Campus Interviews

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2 weeks

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Academic Year

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Overnight Dorm Stays

Overnight Dorm Stays

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Types of Transportation Available to Campus
Cleveland-Hopkins and Akron-Canton airports are an hour's drive from the campus. The Admission Office supplies free transportation to the campus; contact the receptionist there to arrange for this service. Rental cars are also available at both airports.

Driving Instructions to Campus
From the east, take I-80 to Exit 209; then take Ohio Rte. 5 E. (toward Warren). At the intersection with Rte. 82, turn left (north and west, away from Warren) and continue on Rte. 82, which merges with Rte. 700 just south of the college. The college is at the intersection of Routes 82/700 and 305. From the west, take I-80 to Exit 193 (S.R. 44). Take Rte 44 north 6 miles to Rte. 82. Take Rte. 82 E. to Hiram.

Local Accommodations
Located right on campus, the Hiram Inn (330-569-6000) offers all the modern amenities in a 19th-century setting. The 12 guest rooms, though decorated in the style of the early 1800s, come equipped with air conditioning, cable television, and access to a computer hook-up. Some rooms offer a whirlpool spa or fireplace. Ask for college visitor rates. Aurora, which is 15 to 20 minutes to the west, offers several quite respectable possibilities. Ask for college visitor rates at each.


Applicants: 1,890
Acceptance Rate: 93%
Average HS GPA: 3.50



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