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Living in Portland, Oregon, means you may "get rained on a lot," but that doesn't stop students from praising the otherwise "wonderful," "perfect," "ideal," and "exciting" location. This "suburban-hilltop liberal arts college" sits in an "absolutely beautiful" spot "next to a huge forest, [with] downtown only twenty minutes away." Besides the setting, students are lured by the school's "strong outdoors program," "great study abroad opportunities," as well as the promise of "a very green and liberal school." As one student describes it, "Lewis & Clark is a utopia for thinkers and outdoors lovers alike. While challenging academically, the emphasis on a holistic education means that students are encouraged to explore all that Portland and the beautiful Northwest has to offer." With the exception of some "less excellent" support temporary staff, the full-time professors are routinely singled out for their support and "are devoted to their students in a way that wouldn't be possible in a larger school" and students note that "if you want to put the effort into building relationships with them you will get so much from the education." Students give excellent marks for the "seasoned professors in upper-level classes."

Student Body

To generalize, "students are usually athletes or hippies." There seems to be some divide between the two groups, but almost everyone is "very liberal, engaged in a variety of issues, and smart." One student describes the school as being "full of people that you'd actually want to make friends with." Another says classmates are "genuine" and "really independent." Overall, there's an appreciation for adventure: "most take advantage of the fact that our student body has students coming from all over the country and world." Students tend to value "freedom of expression and thought, and an open environment in which to discuss differences." The fact that many students have traveled or lived in another country enriches the classroom experience. Classmates "constantly have stories about their time abroad," and "it is also very difficult to find someone who has never traveled abroad."

Campus Life

Life is full, and friends are plentiful at Lewis & Clark. "It's beautiful, small, and an overall friendly place with students who really take education seriously." Community supported agriculture (CSA) is taken seriously here too. "Many are very concerned about living a healthy and sustainable life style" and are "very active gardeners and composters." The small campus is "beautiful and enjoyable to study and live in" and described as a place that is "intimate without feeling claustrophobic." When the weather is nice, "people try to find every excuse to be outside, from hiking to skiing to camping and more." Although partying exists, it is not at the forefront here. "Parties are frequent, but hardly out of control." Instead, "A lot of students are involved in student-run organizations such as a cappella, theatrical improv, open mic nights, and their own bands. Many people are advocates, and lots of students give significant amounts of their time to assist their communities." With Portland easily accessible using the school's "free shuttle that goes from campus to downtown," escaping campus is "extremely easy." This means that students can readily check out "the many fun things to do downtown" whether those are "funky antique shops that are perfect to explore on a nice day" or "fun" locations like The Pearl District, Hawthorne Boulevard, and the Saturday Market. Athletics are popular at Lewis & Clark, and students speak proudly of their teams. Although some students point out a lack of fans cheering them on at games and meets, one classmate puts it into perspective. I didn't want to go to a college that would force me to choose between my two passions. L&C has allowed me to grow as an athlete, musician, and as a student; not a lot of colleges can do that."

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Most Popular Places On Campus
Aubrey Watzek Library
Templeton Student Center
Pamplin Sports Center
Estate Gardens
Maggies Coffee Shop
You should also visit the Hoffman Art Gallery, Evan Williams Memorial Tree Walk, and JR Howard Hall (most recent example of our commitment to sustainable building practices).

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Downtown Portland- so much to see and do!
Columbia River Gorge & Multnomah Falls
Mt. Hood
Oregon Coast
Powell's Book Store
Be sure to plan time for lunch at one of Portland's food carts.

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Types of Transportation Available to Campus
The Portland International Airport is approximately 20 miles from campus. Tri-Met (public transportation) taxis and ride share options are available for transportation to campus from the airport. Amtrak trains and Greyhound/Trailways buses serve Portland.

Driving Instructions to Campus
From I-5, exit to Terwilliger Blvd. Follow Terwilliger south and east to campus (toward Tryon Creek State Park). The admissions office is in Frank Manor House.

Local Accommodations
Lewis and Clark is 6 miles south of Portland city center, in the southwest section of the city. There are a variety of hotels and bed and breakfast options throughout the city and surrounding area.


Applicants: 6,663
Acceptance Rate: 69%
Average HS GPA: 3.72



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