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Tucked away in bucolic southern Vermont, Marlboro College promises “academic freedom” and a strong “sense of community,” and it delivers both in spades. Students love that their curriculum is entirely “self-directed” in that “you can study whatever you want in great depth.” That’s right—there “are no required classes” here. While the academics are stellar across the board, undergrads make special mention of the “writing program,” which many maintain is “one of the strongest...in the country.” “Small” class sizes are another highlight of a Marlboro education and everyone is privy to “one-on-one attention.” While classes can be “rigorous,” professors here have the uncanny ability to “bring the coursework to life.” They also know how to push undergrads to “work harder and achieve more than [they] ever thought possible.” And they can quickly become both “a mentor and a friend.” As this grateful student concludes, “Marlboro is not only a place to receive a quality education from dedicated, inspiring teachers, it is also a place where you learn to grow as a person, where everyone forgives your flaws and celebrates your victories, so that when you graduate and have to face the world, you are prepared and confident.”

Student Body

Marlboro tends to attract the type of people who could easily be defined as “curious creators” and “intellectual explorers.” Indeed, students proudly proclaim that their peers are “extremely passionate about what they are studying” and really “engage with the material.” Even better, what’s truly “unique about Marlboro is that students don’t just come here to earn a degree so they can get better jobs or progress in their fields; every single person on campus genuinely wants to make a difference, and they actively take charge of their education and utilize it to make a change.” Therefore, it’s not surprising to learn undergrads also report that their classmates are “politically active,” “progressive,” and “very liberal.” Beyond those attributes, the college is a nice mix of “creative-artsy types and outdoorsy-and-environmentally involved students.” Some people do call out the fact that there’s “a disproportionate amount of wealthy people.” However, many also note that diversity, economic and otherwise, is slowly improving. And regardless of their background, undergrads rejoice in discovering that their peers are all “friendly,” “lovable weirdos” who maintain “an unparalleled sense of community and fraternity based on mutual respect and a shared sense of responsibility.”

Campus Life

We won’t mince words; academics definitely take priority at Marlboro. Students frequently assert that “everyone here works very hard.” Nevertheless, there’s still plenty of fun to be had. For starters, many undergrads like to kick back in the “pool room with ping pong and shuffleboard.” They also tend to flock to the Campus Center “where open mics are held and movies are shown.” Additionally, Marlboro hosts weekly events such as “lectures, workshops, informational sessions, and performances.” A number of individuals here are “devoted to activism” as well. In fact, “there are several student interest groups that address specific issues or meet to brainstorm solutions to various social problems on a local and global level.” The college is also great for outdoor enthusiasts. It’s surrounded by “forests” and students love “walking in the woods.” Plus there’s a robust “Outdoor Program” which provides “gear, games, [and] tools” along with sponsored excursions. Of course, it’s not a problem if you’re more of an indoors person. After all, there are plenty of “impromptu game nights” that arise. And once the weekend rolls around, there “are always parties” to be found. Finally, when undergrads are itching for a break from campus life, they can head “to the neighboring town of Brattleboro, where there are book shops, thrift stores, art galleries, etc.”

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Michael Campitelli
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Most Popular Places On Campus
The Rice-Aron Library
Whittemore Theatre
Gander World Studies Center
Serkin Center for the Performing Arts
Persons Auditorium

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Brattleboro, VT
Mount Snow, VT
South Pond, VT
Northampton, MA
Marlboro Music Festival, VT

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Campus Tours
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Informal information sessions with admissions counselors follow the tour.

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Overnight Dorm Stays

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Types of Transportation Available to Campus
Bradley International Airport near Hartford, CT, is an hour and a half from campus (90 miles). Buses and Amtrak have stops in nearby Brattleboro (10 miles). Also, we are located 65 miles east of the Albany International Airport in Albany, NY. Free public transportation and campus shuttles are available between Brattleboro and Marlboro College throughout the day.

Driving Instructions to Campus
Take Exit 2 off Interstate 91 in Brattleboro Vermont. Turn right off the exit onto Route 9 West. Go through West Brattleboro and drive 10 miles. After passing the Marlboro Elementary School on the left, watch for signs for the College. A sign with a left-turn arrow will indicate a turn off of Route 9 towards Marlboro College. Stay on the paved road (South Road) through the village of Marlboro to the College (approximately 2 miles).

Local Accommodations
The city of Brattleboro, Vermont features many lodging options, from quaint Bed and Breakfasts to popular chain hotels. A complete listing is available at Marlboro's website.


Applicants: 120
Acceptance Rate: 97%
Average HS GPA: 3.09



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