In 2015 the PSAT underwent its biggest change in 30 years.The College Board says its goal was to make the test more relevant to high school curriculum. Our awesome research team has been closely monitoring the PSAT changes to make sure counselors, parents, and students get the inside scoop.

The first administration of the redesigned PSAT was in October 2015. 

The content on the New PSAT is very similar to that which was on the PSAT in years past. The major difference is in how the concepts are tested and the steps students will have to take to solve problems correctly. Students will have to reason their way through this exam by tackling problems in a linear and sequential fashion. A student’s ability to process information quickly is key.

The bottom line? This remains a very coachable test for which students need to prepare.

The New PSAT (as of October 2015)
SECTIONS 2 sections
  • Math
  • Evidence-Based Reading and Writing
SCORING Scores reported on the following scale:
  • 320–1520 (total)
  • 160–760 (section scores)
  • 8–38 (test scores)
  • 8–38 (cross-test scores)
  • 1–15 (subscores)
2 hours, 45 minutes
INCORRECT ANSWER PENALTY No penalty for incorrect answers
CALCULATORS Calculators permitted on some math questions

Timing on the New PSAT

SectionTime Allotted
Number of Questions
Math 70 48
Reading 60 47
Writing 35 44
TOTAL 165 139

Getting the score you want on this high-stakes test starts by creating a plan for preparation. No matter what your areas of academic strength or weakness, or your confidence as a test taker, focused practice and dedicated effort to understanding where you need to improve will be key to cracking the test.

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