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Music and art are paramount at this "beautiful, friendly, welcoming, and accepting," "small, liberal public arts school" in upstate New York. In addition to music and art, SUNY-Fredonia also offers "great degree programs" in "education, theatre, and communications." "Most if not all professors are masters of their craft" and "are welcoming and have open-door policies." "A lot of the professors could realistically be teaching at better schools, but they choose to be at Fredonia because the area is wonderful," says one student. Of course, "like anywhere else, there are always a few professors nobody can stand, but there is usually enough flexibility so you can avoid them when registering for classes if you put the effort into it." "The school's administration is great," agree students. "It really means something when you see President Hefner and other campus administrators walking around campus, eating in our dining halls, and attending nearly every campus event showing support." If there is any complaint about the administration, it's that it has a tendency to play favorites. "The administration focuses mainly on education, acting, and music majors." Still, such favoritism must go only so far, as "a new science building is being built" at this decidedly artsy school.

Student Body

The typical Fredonia student likes art and indie music and cares about environmental issues, however, there are also "a lot of the typical 'jock' and 'prep' type students." "Everyone at Fredonia parties a lot," says one student, "that includes drinking and drugs." "The average student is white, middle-class, and from upstate New York suburbia" and "is very friendly, outgoing, and has a smile on his or her face." In addition, he or she is "very open-minded." No surprise, then, that "there is a large LGBT population on our campus and they are treated without prejudice." Students are "often spiritual as opposed to religious and most show an appreciation for the arts." Politically, students are "typically left-wing liberal Democrats." As far as fashion goes, "Everyone is exactly the same in the way they try to be different: black clothes, weird hairdos, chains and pajama pants," or some combination thereof.

Campus Life

Besides attending classes and studying outside of class, life consists of attending various intercollegiate sports events including hockey and soccer, says one undergrad. Well, not entirely. In addition, there are "millions of clubs and organizations, a lot of which do community service," and also many "campus jobs that are not work study, so are open to everyone." As its academic reputation suggests, students also have numerous opportunities to take in "shows put on by the music and theater departments." Those seeking them will find "plenty of frat parties, if that's your idea of fun." Off-campus, "While the town of Fredonia is small and consists of mainly an older population, there is always something to do." For example, there are also "numerous bars in town that admit 18 and older to dance." Outdoorsy types appreciate that "there are beautiful parks to go walking around, including the New York State Lake Erie Park." Some "go fishing and take walks along the creek that runs through town." If you seek big city excitement "you can easily drive to Erie, PA or to Buffalo." "Politics and diversity are strong topics for students at Fredonia."

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Katherine Huff
Assistant Director of Admissions

Office of Admissions
280 Central Avenue
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Most Popular Places On Campus
University Commons
Michael C. Rockefeller Arts Center
Natatorium-Swimming pool and diving area
Rosch Recital Hall

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Village of Fredonia (Restaurants, shopping)
Fredonia Opera House
Fredonia College Lodge
Lake Erie
Point Gratiot Beach

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Campus Tours
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Dates: Year-round
Times: Varies
Average Length: 2 hours

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Overnight Dorm Stays
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Types of Transportation Available to Campus
By train: Amtrak (1-800-USA-RAIL) runs a line to Exchange Street Station in Buffalo, NY. From there it is a quick walk to the Buffalo Metro (Bus) Station for a connection to Fredonia. By bus: Tickets for Empire Transit, New York Trail/ways are available through our Central Box Office (716-673-3501). The Buffalo Metro Station is the main connection for New York Trailways buses, enabling travel throughout the United States. Empire Transit runs 5 daily buses between Jamestown, NY and Buffalo, making numerous stops in-between. The ride from Buffalo to Fredonia is usually under 1.5 hours. We offer a special low-cost airport shuttle to enrolled students by appointment on selected days and times.

Driving Instructions to Campus
Directions via New York State Thruway (Points east, north and west) Take I-90 to Exit 59 (Dunkirk and Fredonia). After toll booth continue straight until you come to a "I" intersection with Central Ave. Turn left onto Central Ave. At the next traffic signal, for 280 Central Avenue, turn right into the main entrance of the campus Directions via I-86 (formerly Rt.17 Southern tier Expressway)/Rt. 60 North (Points south). I-86 to Route 60 north exit at Jamestown, remain on Rt.60 north until you reach the intersection of Rts.60 and 20 in Fredonia, about 25 miles. Turn left on Rt.20 and proceed to Tremple/Water Street. Turn right on Temple St. Turn right at 2nd traffic light onto Central Ave. At the next traffic signal, for 280 Central Avenue, turn left into the main entrance of the campus

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Applicants: 4,597
Acceptance Rate: 85%
Average HS GPA: 3.33



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