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The University of Arkansas—Fayetteville “is a large university with a community feel. It’s big enough to have a lot of great opportunities, but small enough you see people you know on campus.” With Fayetteville’s outdoorsy culture, some students “would describe [the school] as a weird cross between Southern and hippie.” Research opportunities abound, and prospective students are drawn to both the Honors College and the Sam Walton School of Business. Students also single out U of A’s “strong engineering program, with the depth and diversity in every discipline from mechanical to computer science [and] biomedical.” Even with the relaxed atmosphere—one student coins it as “Fayettechill”—students say that there are “tough programs that really make you work for your grade so you can be sure you are worth your degree.” Professors are hit or miss; while some students say, “Most of my professors are extremely helpful,” others lament that while “I enjoy most of my professors, but I do sometimes get the impression that they don’t care about my individual success.” Students in the larger majors say they often lack individualized attention. As one student points out: “My major is located in a smaller department so I know my professors very well. However, in larger classes and departments it is easy to ‘get lost’ or go unnoticed.”

Student Body

Students describe their peers as “friendly” and living “relaxed lifestyles” but are quick to point out that this doesn’t mean “they are not high-achieving students.” In general, students say they’re an “adventurous, fun loving, welcoming, genuine, [and] creative” bunch. While some say the school is “very diverse for a Southern university,” others lament the lack of diversity and say that the campus is “very much white, upper-middle class” students from Arkansas and the surrounding states, noting that more could be done in “advocating for marginalized groups.” But despite the lack of diversity, students say that their peers are “accepting” and “kind,” and that “the campus has a very warm feeling to it.”

Campus Life

Football (this is Razorback country) and Greek activities are prevalent on campus, though some students say, “The school is very centered around Greek life, so for some students it is harder for them to find their place outside of Greek life.” The school’s location in the Ozark Mountains gives students ample opportunities for “hiking, kayaking, [and] rock climbing” on the weekends. Popular destinations “nearby to take daytrips with your friends [include] Devil’s Den or Crystal Bridges.” Students say, “The pace of life is comfortably slow, but still full of fun opportunities,” and Fayetteville “is an incredibly vibrant city because it is a refreshing combination of elements of the old South and collegiate culture.” One popular destination is Dickson Street, “home to a plethora of bars and restaurants.” On campus, when the Razorbacks are playing, “The whole state turns up to ‘Call the Hogs’ on to victory.” For those who aren’t as interested in athletics, luckily, a “school this big has enough people of diverse interests to create a club or event almost incredibly tailored to you.”

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Crystal Bridges Museum
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Devils Den State Park

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Applicants: 28,173
Acceptance Rate: 72%
Average HS GPA: 3.79



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