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As at many large universities, UGA has a “mixed bag of professors,” but there are “more good teachers” than bad. Though students don’t love the core curriculum classes due to their large size and the prevalence of TAs, “once [you’re] in your particular program, the teachers are outstanding and easy to reach.” “The professors really do want to see you at office hours if you have questions,” and they “want to share their love of learning with you.” “My majorrelated classes are very small, and each student receives individual attention.” The honors program also receives raves: “Many of my best classes and favorite teachers have come from the honors program, but non-honors classes are generally good as well.” “The study spaces are well-equipped and quiet,” but “the school of social work is still housed in an old dorm.” “Administration is a pain (not the people, only the requirements), but I think that describes academia in general.” In general, students “feel that the administration can be very accommodating at times, but at other times it can seem like it is full of red tape.” Registration technology “needs to be brought out of the 1980s and into the 21st century.” “The administration [can] seem like a bunch of penny-pinchers, but they must be to run a major research facility.”

Student Body

“Students are generally white, upper-middle-class, smart, [and] involved, and [they] have a good time,” “seem to be predominantly conservative,” and “are usually involved in at least one organization whether it be Greek, a club, or sports.” “The typical student at UGA is one who knows how and when to study but allows himself or herself to have a very active social life.” The majority are southerners, with many students from within Georgia. “The stereotype is Southern, Republican, football-loving, and beer-drinking. While many, many of UGA’s students do not fit this description, there is no lack of the above,” and “there is a social scene for everyone in Athens.” “There are a great number of atypical students in the liberal arts,” which “creates a unique and exciting student body with greatly contrasting opinions.”

Campus Life

Life at UGA seems to be a good mix of the two different worlds of sports and arts: football, frats, and tailgating on campus come together nicely with the coffee shops and music scene in downtown Athens. “On Saturday afternoons in the fall, nearly everyone on campus is at the football game. It’s a way of life here.” “Everybody really gets behind the team, and Saturdays in Athens feel like mini vacations.” Fraternities and sororities dominate the party scene, but “there is definitely plenty to do, even if you don’t go Greek.” Students love to brag about the high number of bars per capita in Athens, but there’s plenty more to boast about. “The Athens music and art scene is very inspiring, and there are tons of opportunities for creativity here.” “Downtown Athens is fabulous! Whether you drink or don’t drink, all are welcome and all congregate there.” Campus life offers plenty of activity too. “Fun is a part of daily life…with a dozen intramural sports each semester…and many community activities (multiple movie theaters, bowling allies, golf course).” “Ultimate Frisbee, walks around the multiple parks, days lounging on North Campus, and spending lots of time downtown are a couple ways I like to have fun at school.” “There are so many organizations that everyone can find a place that will feel like home or find a place to meet new people.” “It’s no secret that UGA knows how to party. However, most of the students know how to manage social and academic time.”

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University of Georgia Visitors Center
Four Towers Building
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Most Popular Places On Campus
Zell B. Miller Learning Center
Sanford Stadium
Ramsey Student Center for Physical Activity
Performing and Visual Arts Complex
Tate Student Center
Georgia Museum of Art Richard B. Russell Building Special Collections Library UGA Chapel UGA Arch

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Downtown Athens
Classic Center
State Botanical Gardens of Georgia
Five Points/Memorial Park
Bishop Park

Campus Tours

Campus Visiting Center
Mon-Fri, 8:00-5:00; Select Sat, 9:30-3:00

Campus Tours
Appointment Required: Yes
Dates: Year-round
Times: Schedule available online
Average Length: 1 hour

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Types of Transportation Available to Campus
Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta is an hour and a half from campus. Groome Transportation (www.groometransportation.com) provides daily ground shuttle service between Athens and Hartsfield. Athens has its own small commuter airport with daily flights to Nashville International Airport provided by SeaPort Airlines (www.seaportair.com). Inter-city bus transportation is provided by Southeastern Stages (www.southernstages.com) and Megabus (www.megabus.com.) Once in town, UGA Campus Transit, Athens Transit and private taxi service provide local transportation.

Driving Instructions to Campus
From Atlanta, take I-85 to Highway 316 (University Pkwy.). This connects to the Athens Bypass, which leads to downtown Athens or call the UGA Visitors Center at College Station Rd.

Local Accommodations
The UGA Hotel and Conference Center at the Georgia Center for Continuing Education (www.georgiacenter.uga.edu/uga-hotel) located on UGA’s South Campus provides guests with convenient and upscale accommodations at a reasonable price. Across the street from historic North Campus, the Holiday Inn (www.holidayinn.com) has moderate rates, an indoor pool, an exercise room, and a restaurant. A less expensive choice is the Travelodge (www.travelodge.com), located within easy walking distance from campus and serves a continental breakfast.


Applicants: 43,402
Acceptance Rate: 37%
Average HS GPA: 4.14



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