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With a “beautiful campus” and “friendly atmosphere,” it’s quite easy to understand how students could be drawn to University of Louisiana at Lafayette. This public research university strives to provide undergrads with an affordable education and offers an “abundance [of] scholarship opportunities.” Undergrads also appreciate the breadth of fantastic academic departments, from the “wonderful” nursing program and the “exceptional biology program” to the “good architecture program” and “phenomenal art [department].” And, since it’s “smaller than most state schools,” undergrads here are really able to interact with their professors and receive “quality in-class instruction.” Indeed, students seem to thoroughly enjoy their courses. This can definitely be attributed to “amazing faculty.” As an English major explains, “Most of the professors I’ve had have been very passionate about their subjects, which in turn makes the student interested in the class. They’re all very open to questions and discussions.” A fellow English student agrees, “My professors have been helpful and knowledgeable, and they are always willing to help their students succeed.” Perhaps this premed student best sums up the experience here: “UL is all about melding creativity, spicy Cajun culture, and academia into a gumbo-pot of successful scholars!”

Student Body

Undergrads at UL steadfastly insist that “there is no typical...student.” Those who enroll here will discover all types, “from quiet students [and] outgoing students [to] sporty students [and] artsy students.” A biology major explains, “We have students of all ethnicities, races, religions, and styles. There are very few social boundaries and mostly everyone is accepting of our diverse student body.” Of course, when pressed, one journalism major admits that there is a typical UL Lafayette undergrad, one that “reflects Lafayette’s culture: creative, friendly, and food-loving.” Many are also “involved in Greek life, and therefore [frequently participate] in community service and [embody] school spirit.” By and large, undergrads also report that their peers are “dedicated and determined to succeed.” Finally, an art education major encapsulates her fellow students by simply stating, “Everyone accepts one another for who they are. There are friends for everyone.” And “as long as you make it a point to get out of your dorm once in a while, you will have close knit circle of friends in no time.”

Campus Life

Students who attend University of Louisiana at Lafayette will likely never be bored. There’s always something of which to take advantage. To begin with, we’re told that “a lot of the buzz around campus [surrounds] sports.” An English major confirms, “Football is a major thing in South Louisiana. I think we’re the second biggest ‘sports fan base’ behind LSU, of course.” Come game day, many people “tailgate and there is a big community of RVs and tents from [both] out-of-towners and [those who reside] on campus.” Students also report that “the Ragin Cajun Catholics and Christian community is awesome and dynamic!” Many undergrads can also be found “working out in the gym.” And a large number participate in Greek life as well. Lastly, students love the area surrounding UL. A biology major happily shares, “Throughout the year, there are tons of festivals unique to Lafayette, all of which are free to attend, such as Festivale Acadiens, which celebrates Cajun culture, as well as Festivale Internationale, which is the largest free world-music festival in the world.”

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Roger Schieferecke
Director, Enrollment Services

PO Box 44652
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University Museum
Student Center
Cajun Field
Dupre Library

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Acadiana Mall

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Campus Tours
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Dates: Year-round
Average Length: 2 hours

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Overnight Dorm Stays
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Lafayette Regional Airport,Amtrak, buses, taxis

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From Interstate I-10, take University Ave south to Johnston Street where the university is located.

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Hilton, Hotel Acadiana


Applicants: 10,679
Acceptance Rate: 89%
Average HS GPA: 3.38



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