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University of Memphis is a large research institution that might fit the bill for those of you dreaming of a university where you can pick from “so many majors and minors” and where the school goes above and beyond to "stay connected with their students and reach out on multiple levels." Enrollees rave about “the variety of courses offered, and the passion brought to each course” by instructors. While many mention the rigor of their coursework, they also note that UofM “has every resource that a student needs to achieve,” including “great professors, a great library, tutoring for every subject matter, and all-around great facility.”

Of these resources, students mention again and again how “amazing [professors are] at what they do.” As one puts it, “Most of my professors prep well and build their courses in a way that challenges our knowledge of the content and allows us to become masters over it. Very seldom do I not feel challenged or feel as though class time was wasted.” There's also an appreciation for the way in which instructors not only “bring real-life experience to the lectures” but to after-class guidance sessions. Teachers are described as “very accommodating and willing to help,” holding “office hours and staying after if [someone] needs extra help.” This isn't just about grades either: “Faculty and staff care about the mental and physical wellbeing of students as well as the educational aspect.” In short, these are “professors that genuinely want students to thrive” in all aspects of their life—not just as enrollees, but toward success post-graduation.

Student Body

The “University of Memphis, like the city of Memphis, truly is a perfect picture of the American Melting Pot.” Students pride themselves on fact that their classmates are “incredibly diverse in terms of age, economic privilege, race, and gender.” With such a cohort, attendees love celebrating and exploring “new ideas and perspectives” together. Ask one of them and they’ll tell you that Tigers are “hardworking students…who are attempting to better themselves intellectually, professionally, or personally.” At UofM, you’re in a community that’s “passionate about learning” and filled with students who see themselves as on a “journey together, not a competition, so everyone is very supportive.” And when they say everyone, they mean everyone. This institution has a “good mix of traditional and nontraditional or transfer students.” In other words, there’s not one-student-fits-all. Plenty of enrollees “have jobs, families, and other obligations [outside the university] in addition to being students.” As one undergrad says it best: “Perhaps what makes the students unique is that you see the same students go on to work and be voices in their community.”

Campus Life

Days at the University of Memphis can be long, especially if you're a commuter. But students are still active far beyond their on-campus study hours, or the way they "often meet up with friends to have lunch together between classes." There's a real drive to enjoy all that the campus and city have to offer: “there’s always something going on, [like] a prominent speaker to go see, something with Student Life, or even just the food trucks that come to campus.” Undergrads also generate a lot of additional activities: the school is "brimming with club booths" and organizations, many of which are “student-led and created.” From college ministry to Greek life and “social clubs to art clubs to criminal justice clubs,” there's plenty to do, although the most popular activities tend to be “attending UofM Tiger sports” or heading to the “Rec Center because there’s so much to do.”

University of Memphis students are “intertwined with the city.” There are “tons of volunteering opportunities for our communities,” explains one, while another talks about the joy of “adventuring into Memphis great food selection,” particularly what they consider the "best barbecue in the world." This "lively city" has "many parks, recreation areas, and strips with interesting restaurants, bars, and shops," and "the night life can be really fun." Whether you're exploring campus or the city, UofM provides “a home away from home.”

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University Center
FedEx Institute of Technology
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Memphis Zoo
Sun Studio
National Civil Rights Museum
Beale Street

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taxis, buses, private cars closest airport is Memphis International, 5.5 miles away Greyhound Busline, 6.5 miles away Amtrak, 6.8 miles away

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Fogelman Executive Center, 330 Innovation Dr. Holiday Inn @ UofM, 3700 Central Ave.


Applicants: 15,381
Acceptance Rate: 81%
Average HS GPA: 3.51



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