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The University of Tennessee at Martin is an "affordable" regional school with "smaller" classes, a significant selection of online courses, and "a down-home atmosphere." UTM is "very strong in science and agriculture majors." Nursing and education are notable as well. Also, graduate and professional school acceptance rates for students are high, particularly in health-related fields. The faculty runs the gamut. Most profs "teach with a passion" and are "concerned with your success." "I have only had a couple terrible professors," recalls a mechanical engineering major. "For the most part, the professors at UTM are excellent," adds a biology major. "They are extremely knowledgeable and explain material well. However, there are some that I would most certainly advise future students to avoid." Administrators generally come in for praise. "If they do not have an answer," says a business major, "somebody will find it for you or point you in the right direction so you do not run in circles or waste your time." The biggest academic complaint involves the registration process. "The website tends to crash a lot since thousands of students are battling over the classes they need."

Student Body

UT Martin is "very welcoming to students from any background and nationality" including "clusters of minority groups," numerous nontraditional students, and a respectable smattering of international students. Decent contingents of students come from both Nashville and Memphis as well. Indeed, "to say that everyone fits in one demographic is pushing it." Nevertheless, the undergrads hail overwhelmingly from the state of Tennessee, and a high percentage chooses UTM because it is "close to home." "Most of the students who attend this school are from surrounding smaller towns." A typical student here comes from a decidedly "middle-class" background and is an "average small-town person." Students describe themselves as "busy," "hardworking," "upbeat, friendly," and "not highly political." People are "pretty country" around here as well. "It's a very rural school with a great agriculture program, so a lot of kids look like they are involved in agriculture," explains a senior. "Jeans, cowboy boots, and t-shirts are seen a lot."

Campus Life

The "tiny," "rural," "safe," hamlet of Martin, Tennessee, is "a very friendly place to live" but it isn't much else. "Students do not have many options when it comes to off-campus activities." "The campus does a good job of trying to entertain the students" by offering "movie nights and special guest speakers" but, ultimately, "Martin is what you make it." "You have to be super-involved on campus to enjoy the college experience here." Most students are. "The library is always filled with students studying." The excellent recreation center is a "beautiful place to work out," and it gets a lot of use. Intramurals are also big. There are some 120 clubs and organizations. Greek life is "prominent" on this campus, and fraternities and sororities are "extremely active." Religious groups are also pretty popular. "Wednesday nights are the party nights," reports a senior. "People usually go to a frat party and then go to a local bar after the party ends or gets boring." "It is hard to find entertainment during the weekends," not least because of the large number of students who go home. Many students do stick around for the weekend festivities, though.

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Destin Tucker

215A Boling University Center
Martin, TN 38238



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Most Popular Places On Campus
Boling University Center
Paul Meek Library
Student Recreation Center
Elam Center and Intramural facilities
The Hanger (coffee shop) in Paul Meek Library Student Life Center Fine Arts Center

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Discovery Park of America
University Columns
Brian Brown Memorial Greenway
Student Church Ministry Centers
Martin Parks and Recreation
Cin? Theatre The Sideline Higher Ground Coffee Company Martin Coffee House

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Campus Visiting Center
Monday - Friday
9:30 am or 1:30 pm

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Appointment Required: Yes
Dates: Year-round
Times: 9:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m., Monday thru Friday or by appointment
Average Length: 2 hours

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Types of Transportation Available to Campus
Airport - Memphis, TN; Nashville, TN; and Paducah, KY

Driving Instructions to Campus
Martin is 2 1/2 hours from Memphis or Nashville, and is just an hour's drive from Jackson, TN, or Paducah, KY. From Paducah, KY, take 45 South to Mayfield. At Mayfield, turn right on Purchase Parkway (Fulton, KY Exit 21). At Fulton, follow Hwy 45E South By-pass to Martin. From Memphis, TN, travel interstate 40 east to Jackson, TN, and exit the interstate at Hwy 45 By-pass (Exit 80-B North). Follow Hwy 45 to Martin. From Nashville, TN, travel interstate 40 west. Exit the interstate at Hwy 22 at Parker's Crossroads (Exit 108 North). Follow Hwy 22 to Martin.

Local Accommodations
Hampton Inn, Martin, TN Days Inn, Martin, TN Econo Lodge, Martin, TN


Applicants: 5,479
Acceptance Rate: 89%
Average HS GPA: 3.60



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