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Recognized for its “challenging classes” and “academic resources,” Xavier University of Louisiana is a Catholic and historically Black university that stresses a well-rounded curriculum within a nurturing learning environment. Students here can "be whoever they want to be," which is why the school’s support extends beyond programs in STEM and health sciences to a required 40-hour credit core curriculum that focuses on Catholic tradition and contemporary learning. For many students, attending this “extremely academically focused” university pays off. Several undergrads cite that the university is “known for having successful graduates go on to complete medical and graduate school.”

But don’t let Xavier’s strenuous curriculum intimidate you. Many students agree, “[Our] school’s greatest strength is our sense of togetherness. We all want to see each other succeed and are willing to help each other along the way,” professors included. Most students describe their professors as “kind, understanding and always willing to work with you to achieve a goal.” Faculty at the university “value [their students’] education,” as observed by students who find that their instructors go above and beyond conventional teaching methods and try to incorporate pedagogical innovation into classes: “Instead of a final exam, my professor is making us do a podcast project in the style of a Vanderbilt professor.” Additionally, as a school that challenges its students to be their best, “there is always a resource center or a teacher offering their services” to offer additional guidance. Overall, students agree that Xavier “truly prepares students for experiences after they graduate.”

Student Body

“Though Xavier University of Louisiana is a historically Black university, the student body is very diverse,” with notably “well-rounded” and “community-minded” individuals. Several students identify that “even though this is a small campus, the people can be so different.” Since Xavierites come from so many different backgrounds and regions, “they bring unique elements such as regional dances, phrases, mannerisms, and recipes.” Though some might worry about feeling isolated, Xavier is “one big family” where “no one feels unreachable or untouchable.” Additionally, it’s clear that Xavier students recognize how hard their classmates work and make the effort to lift one another up. As one student puts it best, “No one will allow you to fail,” but they will “[give] you challenges to push yourself forward.”

Campus Life

It’s a life of books at this rigorously academic university, so “literally most of us are in the library most of the day if not in class,” though you will find that “students congregate in their dorm rooms or in the lobby area of the cafeteria.” A life of books, at least, until the weekend, at which point the bustle of the nearby city calls out: “There’s always something to do in New Orleans.” As far as clubs and organizations go, there is “something for everyone, and you even have the opportunity to start clubs of your own.” Many enrollees enjoy the Peer Dean Association, which has select members “provide a family space for incoming students” and help them acclimate to life on campus.” Student ambassadors “are seen as the faces of Xavier” and offer tours and host events for prospective undergrads. Additionally, basketball games are wildly popular, and there are some events thrown on campus, such as “live music [on] Fridays,” which “includes free food, dancing, and fun.”

Contact & Visit

Campus Visits Contact

Kendra Lawrence
Senior Associate Director of Admissions

Office of Admissions
One Drexel Drive
New Orleans, LA 70125



Experience College Life

Most Popular Places On Campus
University Center
Convocation Center
Library Resource Center
St. Katharine Drexel Chapel
St. Joseph's Resource Center
Tennis Courts, Recreation Center, The Science Quad

Most Popular Places Off Campus
French Quarter
Audubon Zoo and Aquarium
City Park
St. Charles Avenue Streetcar
The Marigny

Campus Tours

Campus Visiting Center
The Office of Admissions hosts campus tours Monday through Friday for high school students and their families. In an effort to accommodate guests and provide the best experience, group visits are limited to 75 high school students. The campus visit experience includes a 30 minute presentation by an Admissions Representative, followed by a walking tour, led by a XULA Vanguard Ambassador.
Family Tours MWF 10am & 2 pm; Tues & Thurs 10am only. Group Tours Mondays 10:45 am; Tues, Wed, & Thurs @ 2:15pm

Campus Tours
Appointment Required: Yes
Dates: Varies
Times: Campus Tours are held at 10AM and 2PM on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Group Tours: Monday and Friday - 10:00am, Thursdays 2:15pm
Average Length: Varies

On Campus Interview

Campus Interviews

Information Sessions

Contact Admissions Office

Faculty and Coach Visits

Dates/Times Available
Academic Year

Contact Admissions Office

Class Visits

Dates/Times Available
Academic Year

Contact Admissions Office

Overnight Dorm Stays

Overnight Dorm Stays
Not Available

Due to Covid-19 protocol Overnight Dorm visits are not occurring at this time for non-registered students


Types of Transportation Available to Campus
Bus, Taxi, ride hailing, Airport Shuttle. Louis Armstrong International Airport

Driving Instructions to Campus
Getting to Xavier Xavier is located in the heart of New Orleans, La., and is easily accessible by car via the I-10 system. Please use this address to navigate to the Xavier South Building (Building #40) which is where the Admissions Office is located: 909 South Jefferson Davis Pkwy Ste. #400, New Orleans, LA 70125. From downtown New Orleans and all points East: take I-10 West and exit at South Carrollton Avenue (Exit 232). Drive straight through the Costco shopping area, then cross over the canal and take a left (you are now on Washington Avenue). Stay on Washington Ave. for approximately four blocks (you will cross South Carrollton Ave. at the next light) and enter the campus. Once you?ve crossed over South Carrollton Ave, keep driving until you get to Pine St. Then, turn left onto the bridge at Pine St. Once you have crossed the bridge, turn right onto Drexel Dr. until you get to S. Clark St. Turn left onto S. Clark St. and then turn right on Dixon St. This will bring you directly to the Xavier South Building. From the airport, Baton Rouge and all points West: take I-10 East and exit at South Carrollton Avenue (Exit 232). Once you have exited, get into the right lane and take the next exit onto Howard Ave. Once you have exited onto Howard Ave., turn right at South Jefferson Davis Pkwy. The Xavier South Building (Building #40), which is where the Admissions Office is located, can be found within the second block once you have passed the parking lot on the right side.

Local Accommodations
Hampton Inn & Suites Convention Center Hotel 1201 Convention Center Blvd. New Orleans, LA 70130 1-866-311-1200 Hampton Inn & Suites Downtown French Quarter Hotel 226 Carondelet St. New Orleans, LA 70130 1-866-311-1200 Hampton Inn & Suites Garden District Hotel 3626 St Charles Ave. New Orleans, LA 70115 1-866-311-1200


Applicants: 9,603
Acceptance Rate: 74%
Average HS GPA: 3.60



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