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California State University, Chico offers a practical and personable MBA program, well suited to Northern California professionals. With a “great regional reputation,” Chico students feel confident they can leverage their education in the workplace. Above all else, professors have “a lot of relevant industry experience” and offer “good insight into the business world.” Across disciplines, Chico professors “keep up with current events,” and class content is constantly “changing according to the news today.” Chico distinguishes itself academically through a focus on project management, information technology and business information systems. Chico State’s innovative Center for Information Systems Research involves students in a variety of hands-on projects in the business technology sector, and the school has been “a member of the SAP alliance” since 1996.

While academics are strong, the environment is remarkably supportive, too. When a student needs extra assistance, professors are “easily accessible” and “always available outside of class.” A current student shares, “I have met many professors through independent projects, and they have been very helpful and guided me to the right resources.” Throughout the curriculum, there is an “emphasis on teamwork, interpersonal skills, and both qualitative and quantitative learning.” Students are encouraged to engage with the work, and “most professors try to create an environment that promotes active discussions.” The focus on group work, as well as real world applications, make for a “very practical learning experience,” which is immediately applicable to the real world. A small business owner tells us, “Classes are at night, and my real-life laboratory is my business during the day.”

Working students appreciate the balance at Chico, saying, “The atmosphere is focused, but there is not too much pressure on the students.” “Overall, the program is consistent and organized,” and the “staff is flexible and understanding” with students who work full-time. On the other hand, some feel the Chico experience “might be better if we had a more competitive environment,” noting that there is a noticeable “lack of rigor in some classes.” In addition to the value offered to professionals, Chico also offers a “3+2” program for business undergraduates from partner schools, which offers the “opportunity to get a masters degree one year after your bachelor degree.” Several international universities also participate in the school’s 3+2 program, which brings “a large number of international students” to campus. For many, the international community is an unexpected plus of a Chico education, helping them to develop “cultural skills in a business environment that is less cutthroat than the real business world.”

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Applicants: 66
Acceptance Rate: 62%
Average Undergrad GPA 3.20
Years Work Experience: 4.3
Average Age: 25



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