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The University of Denver ’s Daniels College of Business is known for its “great history,” “dedication to ethics” and “outstanding reputation for quality of education.” It has a strong “commitment to Ethics, Sustainability, Globalization” and “International Business” that “sets it apart from other MBA programs.” In addition, the small size of the program allows for “more intimate relationships between students and professors.”

The program is built to be flexible for both the Full-time and Part-time cohorts yet still “conducted in a classroom setting” rather than online. The “professors understand that they are teaching people with current and in some cases long-term business experience and the way they teach and interact with [students] reflects that.” The “administrators have all had real jobs beyond just being in academia which makes a difference in how they interact with [students] as well as teach.” The university uses a “cohort system” that allows the students to remain with the same group of classmates throughout the program. In so doing, MBAs are able “to develop relationships with classmates over the one-and-a-half year lockstep program.” The cohort system is “[r]un like a close-knit family.” The “[c]ohort leader enrolls students in classes and keeps [them] informed of all upcoming events and career opportunities.” This is especially helpful for busy, working professionals. And since “everyone in the part-time program is working full-time,” it “positively impacts the cohort by keeping everyone focused on accomplishing tasks in a timely manner.”

“Most of the staff know us on a first name basis,” one student notes, which is “[v]ery rewarding.” “The professors are very outgoing and you can tell that they love what they teach. They make you want to succeed in the classroom.” MBAs “get real world applicability and experience. No longer are the lessons out of a book, studying business theory. Lessons are from key business leaders in the community.” “They clearly have their eye on the future,” one student notes. Professors are known for their “keen ability to teach as well as write academically. They also relate personably and are approachable outside of class.” Professors are even “willing to come in on weekends to hold study sessions and increase learning.”

The university “encourages group work and leadership training. MBAs take “personality tests at the beginning of the program” to “help students to recognize their strengths and weaknesses.” “There is one trip at the beginning of the course that allows classmates to bond” and an “international trip at the end of the program to allow for international business education.” “Through DU’s MBA program,” one student notes, “I was able to transform from a middle-of-the-road employee to an outstanding one with much more confidence and skills that are valuable to employers. This can all be attributed to the administration, professors, and my academic experience.”

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Average Undergrad GPA 3.32
Years Work Experience: 4.75
Average Age: 29



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