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With “academics [that] are top-notch and tailored to the students’ needs,” it’s no wonder that many say that their education at Coe College “stand[s] out as the biggest strength of the school.” This is certainly reflected in the “resources, such as the careers center, writing center, learning commons, and tutoring center [that] are easy to use.” There’s also a “huge emphasis on getting internships and other opportunities in the field BEFORE you graduate!” And students can easily receive help with “strengthen[ing] job applications, resumes, cover letters, etc.”

Another important hallmark of a Coe education? “Small class sizes” that allow students to foster “a more personal connection with their professors and peers.” Students rave about them, saying “the small, discussion-based classes and the low student-to-professor ratio is wonderful,” as it carves out space for “personalized feedback.” And while the “coursework is challenging,” professors are typically “very understanding with students.” The vast majority of the Coe faculty are “incredibly passionate about what they teach and very accessible.” As one undergrad shares, “I’ve never had to wait more than a day to get an email back or get help with a question. They share their lives with us, and we feel comfortable doing the same.” A fellow classmate adds, “They are some of the smartest, most interesting, kindest, and generous people ever.”

Student Body

As soon as you set foot on Coe College’s campus, you sense “an atmosphere of community and inclusion.” Coe students immediately describe their peers as “caring individuals” who are “friendly and willing to be there for everyone else.” As this undergrad immediately illustrates, “Students here go out of their way to hold doors for other students [and] greet each other.” Even better, they “are always willing to help others out in classes.” The “campus is [also] full of doers” who “are passionate about what they are studying and the activities that they are involved in.” What’s more, many are pleasantly surprised to discover that “the student body is more diverse than you’d expect,” though they also acknowledge that “most of the students are white.” Nevertheless, you’ll still encounter many individuals “from different socioeconomic backgrounds, cultures, and ideologies.” One undergrad elaborates, “I feel [like I am] more likely to bump into a peer from out of state or [abroad] than a fellow Iowan.” And you can rest assured that most everyone is “incredibly inclusive and welcoming.” Another student agrees with this sentiment and sums up by saying “We somehow all mold together to create a cohesive campus and student body that strives to achieve great things.”

Campus Life

Undoubtedly, the Coe College experience extends far beyond the classroom. “There [are] so many opportunities on campus that if you asked everyone what they were involved in, they would at least have one thing to mention.” After all, undergrads have “a unique and extravagant list of over 100 clubs and organizations to join on campus” like KCOE Radio or Student Senate. Undergrads also mention that there is “a large emphasis on Greek life” as well. Additionally, “Coe does a great job holding events for people to get together and do crafts, watch a comedian [or] do yoga.” The Student Activities Club (SAC) also sponsors numerous popular events such as Winter Carnival, which features hot chocolate, snacks, and games to play outside. Sports culture at Coe is a big part of student life. “Students at Coe take sports seriously and it is one of the many things that brings everyone together.” In fact, “the games are always filled with fans, cheers, students and even faculty members and alumni.” Even if you’re “not into sports that much, [you] still feel pumped and excited during the games.”

And, of course, once the weekend rolls around, it’s common for students to explore downtown Cedar Rapids which has a “lot of cool shops and restaurants.” While checking out the scene, some like to “go to bars and others go to boba joints or even fun discount shops. The mall is also a common place to hang out.” Undergrads looking to get a little further away can enjoy the “surrounding state parks and forest preserves” or head out to nearby “Iowa City for [a] mini-trip.”

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Campus Tours
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Overnight Dorm Stays

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From the east or west via I-80. Exit on to I-380 north and proceed to Cedar Rapids. Continue as directed below under From the north or south via I-380. From the north or south via I-380. Take Exit 20B(Coe College exit) and proceed to First Ave. Take First Ave east to College Drive(13th St. NE) and turn left to enter campus. From the north or south via Hwy. 151. Hwy. 151 becomes First Ave. in Cedar Rapids. Proceed to College Drive(13th St. NE) and turn left from the south or right from the north to enter the campus.

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Applicants: 6,725
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Average HS GPA: 3.60



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