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Huntington University does not just say that it is Christ-centered like some Christian schools; rather its faith "is clearly demonstrated through the staff and students here." "Jesus Christ is the center of every aspect of the University, from the classroom to everyday life." "I liked their school philosophy," says one student. "They don't believe in sheltering Christians from the real world." Although another suggests that the school has too much of a Christian "bubble," and "many times a Christian perspective is asked to be included that…would not be brought up in a workplace." The school has a "wonderful environment" for students with "a strong sense of Christ-like values." "I love the small class size, Christian professors, and the campus environment!" declares a history major. The "truly caring" professors "are personable, and [students have] a great experience in the classroom and outside it with them." "My professors are (for the most part) funny, loving, and intelligent," says one student. However, most students feel that the "facilities are not very good and don't match up to other" schools, and the school needs more "up-to-date equipment." For some, "the library is…number one concern," while others complain that "the dining commons leaves your clothes smelling like rotting potatoes. Better ventilation would be great in there."

Student Body

Your typical Huntington student is "a multigenerational attendee, Christian, and conservative." Most of the population is white, although there is a "10 percent minority," and in recent years the university "has become much more diverse." Most are polite Christian Midwesterners" and "not trendy or artsy." As long as you are Christian you should fit in, because "we are all accepted as a brother or sister in Christ." "People here are very receptive to new people. It is easy to be accepted by just being yourself." Although some say "the majority of students are incredibly religious to the point of sometimes being annoying to those of us who are less so." "It is small and the atmosphere was very comfortable," and the students seem "so down-to-earth and accepting." Other students say there is a problem with cliques, and the "student body is very segregated, not in the terms of races, but people have their own distinct groups and don't really go out of their way to get to know others."

Campus Life

Student life seems to be divided somewhat acrimoniously between "the really religious people and the ones that like to drink and party." For the former, students "frequently discuss religious issues and pray together" and enjoy "our chapel time; [which] helps our campus be Christ-based." However, these students also wish that the university did "a better job of catching the people who break the rules, such as consuming alcohol." "Huntington has rules against drinking and drugs, but there is a relatively large part of Huntington that does those things," explains one student. The university seems to relaxing some of its moral restrictions, as students are "now allowed to dance. The first ever school-sponsored dance will take place March 2011." "Life here can get a bit droll" in the city of Huntington, and students make their own fun, such as "Frisbee golf," going to "Wally World or little restaurants," "music jam sessions" or "themed parties." Many students are very "interested in getting married, as there is the ‘ring by spring' mentality for seniors." "Well, I'm guessing that the number one thing people think about here is getting married," one student explains. "Most girls come here for their ‘MRS.'"

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Residence Halls-lounges
Habecker Dining Commons
Norm's Place (student union)
Merillat Complex (athletic facility)
Merillat Centre for the Arts

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Cafe of Hope
Huntington 7 Theater
Jefferson Pointe/Glenbrook Malls - Fort Wayne
Applebee's and surrounding restaurants
Huntington Reservoir

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Campus Tours
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Overnight Dorm Stays

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Types of Transportation Available to Campus
Fort Wayne International airport is 20 minutes away. Rental cars available from airport. Transportation provided by college on an as-needed basis. Greyhound bus service available in Huntington.

Driving Instructions to Campus
From South: At exit 78 (Warren exit) take S.R. 5 north to Huntington. Go straight through light at corner of 5 and 224 to Highway 24 bypass. Turn left (west) and continue on the bypass until you reach the second stoplight. Turn left. From West: From Wabash, Logansport, Lafayette, etc. Take 24 bypass (left at Historic Forks of the Wabash Park) to second stop light. Turn right. From North: Take 69 South--exit at 102 and follow U.S. 24 to Huntington. Take 24 bypass around to second stop light. Turn left. From East: From Decatur, IN; Van Wert, OH; etc. Take 224 east to Broadway Ave. (4-way stop at Bud's Fishin' Hole). Turn right. Go to second double lane highway (24 bypass). Turn left.

Local Accommodations
Vista Inn: $50-$100, Comfort Inn: $60-$100, Super 8: $45-$90, Days Inn: $40-$90


Applicants: 780
Acceptance Rate: 97%
Average HS GPA: 3.46



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