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“One of the best design schools in the country,” Otis College has been a mainstay of the Los Angeles education scene since 1918. This “artist’s boot camp” is considered “one of the top art schools in the US for digital media” thanks in part to being located “in the epicenter of the industry.” Professors here “are all passionate about the subjects they teach,” passion that springs from real-world working experience. Students feel confident knowing “many of our instructors (and alumni) have their names in the credits of movies and video games the world is familiar with.” In turn, those instructors nurture a group of “creative thinkers, problem solvers, and designers,” helping them to be “successful in whatever field they choose to pursue.” Some students feel the instructors are “very old school” and that what is taught “isn’t to industry standards,” but others say they “are very up-to-date” and provide students with a challenge which “prepares us for our jobs.” It is best to come here prepared to work hard. “There’s never really a time for rest,” students note, “because of the level of professionalism that needs to be reached and all the competition in the industry.”

Student Body

It should come as no surprise that “everyone here is very creative.” The “self-directed and motivated” students at Otis “all can relate to art.” They walk a delicate balance between fitting in – the school has “such an array of personalities that it isn’t so hard to find people we can connect with” – and trying to be unique. “Hey, they’re art students,” one student quipped, noting that “a lot of them will dye their hair or dress in out-of-the-ordinary ways.” But that doesn’t mean students alienate themselves from one another. This “unique, friendly, and supportive” group are “always helping each other out.” Attendees say the offbeat, open-minded nature of Otis students mean they “seem to be more accepting than the average university or college.” After all, most are focused on the same thing. Success in their field. Otis students “are dedicated and are willing to do what it takes to not merely meet the standards of the school but to achieve their own personal goals they have set for themselves.”

Campus Life

Forget about sleeping. At Otis, “it’s common to forget about eating or sleeping because so much of what we do is extremely attention-consuming.” Indeed, “most students here don’t have that large of a social life because school is the top priority” and “sleepless nights are all too common.” Students get free time, but often they will “spend their weekends and free time doing projects rather than going out.” Not that there is a lack of things to do for those who need an escape. The Los Angeles location means there are museums, music, theater, clubs, restaurants, the beach, and more. One thing not on the agenda at Otis, however, is partying. “There are parties but not the typical college parties. It’s mellow people (who) have a few beers, talk and mingle.” Students here are focused on creativity and design, and that is reflected in the way they entertain themselves. If the choice is between chugging beers or watching films, Otis students choose the latter.

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Applicants: 2,284
Acceptance Rate: 80%
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