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Students insist that the University of Texas at Austin has “everything you want in a college: academics, athletics, social life, location,” and it’s hard to argue with them. UT is “a huge school and has a lot to offer,” meaning students have “an infinite number of possibilities open to them and can use them in their own way to figure out what they want for their lives.” As one student tells us about arriving on campus, “I did not realize how much was available to me just as an enrolled student. There is free tutoring, gym membership, professional counseling, doctor visits, legal help, career advising, and many distinguished outside speakers. The campus is crawling with experts in every field you can imagine.” Standout academic departments are numerous: from the sciences to the humanities to creative arts, UT makes a strong bid for the much-sought-after mantle of “Harvard of the South.” Also, the school does a surprisingly good job of avoiding the factory-like feel of many large schools. One student observes: “coming to a large university, there was a prejudgment that the huge classes will make it impossible to know your professor, and vice versa. The university has dispelled that myth with professors who want to know you and [who] provide opportunities to get to know them.” While professors “can vary greatly across a spectrum from ‘I’m smarter than him’ to ‘I want to follow in his footsteps,’” “the class offerings at UT are generally vast and diverse, and students can often avoid taking the less-qualified professors with a little research.”

Student Body

“Because of the huge Greek life at UT, a ‘typical student’ would be a sorority girl or fraternity boy,” but—and it’s a big but—such students “are hardly the majority, since UT is actually made of more ‘atypical’ people than most other schools. Everyone here has his own niche, and I could not think of any type of individual who would not be able to find one of his own.” Indeed, “everyone at Texas is different! When you walk across campus, you see every type of ethnicity. There are a lot of minorities at Texas. Also, I see many disabled people, whom the school accommodates well. Everyone seems to get along. The different types of students just blend in together.” Especially by Texas standards, “Austin is known for being ‘weird.’ If you see someone dressed in a way you’ve never seen before, you just shrug it off and say ‘That’s Austin!’”

Campus Life

Life at UT Austin is “very relaxed.... Students usually wear shorts and a T-shirt to class. When the weather gets cold, you might find students wearing the same shorts and T-shirt with a sweatshirt. Students and faculty frequently picnic all over campus. There are plenty of outdoor tables and grassy areas to sit.” Undergrads “are often found throwing a Frisbee outside the tower or taking a nap under a tree. It’s truly what you see in one of those cheesy brochures with everyone studying and smiling. Of course, the smiles aren’t so bright during finals. We switch to an over-caffeinated, glazed-eye look instead.” Hometown Austin “provides a social education that a college student newly out on his own would not find anywhere else,” with “festivals or fairs of some kind going on downtown all the time” and “the infamous 6th Street with nightlife that dies down only after the bars close.” Campus and the surrounding area offer “many hike-and-bike trails and fitness organizations. It’s possible for students to train for marathons, half marathons, and triathlons while in school. Barton Springs pool is a natural spring that is very popular year-round. On any given Saturday you will find students throwing a football, going for a run, biking through the hills, kayaking in the river, having a late lunch at one of Austin’s great restaurants, or just sleeping in.”

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Miguel Wasielewski
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Most Popular Places On Campus
The Tower
Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium
LBJ Presidential Library
Blanton Museum of Art
Harry Ransom Center

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Mount Bonnell
Lady Bird Lake/Lake Travis
Museums/ Libraries
6th Street
Texas Capitol

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Dates: Year-round
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Types of Transportation Available to Campus
Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is a 15-minute ride from campus. City buses, airport shuttles, and taxis are available for the trip from airport to campus. Amtrak trains and Greyhound buses serve Austin. City buses and taxis are available to campus.

Driving Instructions to Campus
From I-35, exit to Martin Luther King Blvd. The Frank Erwin Special Events Center is at the corner of Martin Luther King Blvd. and Red River.

Local Accommodations
Accommodations available at the AT&T Education and Conference Center on the UT campus. Double Tree Inn, Super 8, The Sheraton, and Hampton Inn are also nearby.


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